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Why RRW?

Don't Pay for Chemicals, Pay For Results

At RRW, you don't pay for chemicals. And you don't pay for repairs. What do you pay for? Exactly what you want: a clean vehicle.

Most large vehicle wash operations are sold by either equipment vendors or chemical companies. Equipment vendors make their money by selling you the most complicated, expensive equipment you can afford – and then charging you again every time it needs repaired. Chemical companies make their money by selling you expensive, proprietary wash solutions – and making sure you use lots of them.

RRW is different. We charge by the cycle, with all maintenance, repairs, and chemistry included in one low per-cycle charge. That means our incentive is the same as yours: to keep equipment well maintained and functioning, and keep costs for consumables low.

The RRW Difference

The RRW Difference means real benefits for our customers:

  • Competitive, all-inclusive flat-fee pricing
  • Zero Damage
  • Zero Drive Overs
  • High utilization and driver acceptance rates
  • On-budget, predictable performance
  • Fully adaptable design and installation that is guaranteed for as long as we maintain your equipment

How do we do it? Our vehicle wash facilities are simple, basic, well-constructed, and use commonly available materials. We don't use complicated bells and whistles that add to your repair bills without resulting in a noticeably cleaner truck.  We do use multiple redundancies and intelligent control logic for maximum efficiency and uptime.  Our manufacturing philosophy and business model revolves around the needs of our customers.