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RRW Difference

We're different, in a good way

A Unique Manufacturing & Design Philosophy

We don’t use complicated bells and whistles. Our facilities are built using commonly available materials and use a simple, functional, uniform design with exceptionally low failure rates. We also design from a unique point of view – the driver’s. Our design accommodates wide variations in driver behavior to deliver a clean wash with no vehicle damage.

  • Easy and cost-effective to maintain and repair
  • Low failure rates
  • High driver acceptance and utilization
  • Adaptable to future requirements and conditions

A Proprietary Control System

Every facility we operate, regardless of the level of functionality, includes a full-featured control system that allows precise control of individual parameters. Our web-based reporting gives you a comprehensive, realtime view of 150 parameters, and allows remote control of functions to adjust for seasonality or other factors.

  • Operate any truck-wash system without modification
  • Process vehicles automatically or manually
  • Adaptable to accommodate future changes to equipment

Intelligent Control Logic

Every new wash system we install includes the very latest control logic. Our sophisticated logic systems react to behavior and become more and more refined as we analyze problems and driver behaviors.

  • Fully integrated into the customer’s daily operational theater
  • Fully upgradable without compatibility issues as new software
    versions become available

Built-in Redundancy

Our design provides the highest level of equipment redundancy available in the industry today. We know that uptime is important. We design with multiple redundancies and easy-to-source parts so your entire system won’t get shut down while waiting for a single, hard-to-get part.

  • Fully operational with up to 25% of the system out of service
  • Individual element failures

Responsive Customer Service

Our business model means that RRW Engineering is responsible for your results. When a problem is reported, we provide a response within 24 hours.

The RRW Warranty

RRW Engineering will maintain the wash system in ready-to-operate condition for the life of our relationship with the customer. As long as we are the operator of the system, the repairs and maintenance of the wash system are included in the cycle cost