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Large Vehicle Wash Systems

Keep Your Fleet Clean Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

At RRW, we know that your trucks and vehicles are the moving image of your brand – and that brand image needs to be clean and professional.  We also know that time spent washing trucks and maintaining truck wash equipment adds nothing to your bottom line. So how do you keep your fleet clean without the headaches and hassle?

Easy – let RRW handle it for you.  We keep things simple to minimize repairs, eliminate wash-related damage, and get your vehicles out of the wash and back on the road as quickly as possible. Our "no problem" business model means maintenance and repairs are our problem, not yours. And because you pay for results, not chemicals or repairs, your costs are more predictable. 

  • Ready-To-Operate Equipment Warranty
  • Regular Maintenance and Repairs Included in Per-Wash Costs
  • ZERO Wash-Related Equipment Damage
  • Effective, Environmentally Friendly Wash Chemistry

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The RRW Commitment

Our commitment to you is we will keep your large vehicle wash facility in "ready to operate" condition as long as you trust us to maintain it. Our goal is to keep your fleet clean while minimizing the time spent by your staff, so they can focus on the things that bring your company revenue.

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The RRW Difference

Simple, basic, and well-constructed. We don't use complicated bells and whistles that add to your repair bills without resulting in a noticeably cleaner truck.

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Keys to Success

Our years of experience have allowed us to refine the best practices that maximize customer satisfaction.