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About RRW

Don't Worry, We'll Handle It

RRW Engineering manufactures, integrates, and operates high-volume, hub-based automatic truck washing facilities nationwide. Founder Reed Williams operates the company with a simple premise: keeping your fleet vehicles clean shouldn't be so hard.

An industrial electrical contractor with significant manufacturing plant experience, Mr. Williams has designed, constructed, installed, and consulted on projects ranging from POP lighting to state-of-the-art powdercoating operations. While working with large vehicle wash systems, he realized that there had to be a better way to wash a truck. Specifically, he realized two things:

  • Complicated equipment resulted in excessive down time, unacceptable rates of vehicle damage, and unnecessary delays
  • The business model behind most fleet washing operations incentivize companies to maximize the use of expensive chemicals and minimize routine preventative maintenance

RRW was founded on the basic principal that what is good for our company should be good for yours, too. This basic insight has resulted in a unique operations model that puts the responsibility for results on us. We don't just build wash facilities - we build long-term relationships that allow you to stay focused on revenue-generating activities while we handle the dirty work. 

Beyond Trucks: A History of Ingenuity

RRW's nimble and adaptive business model has made us an ideal development partner for industrial, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation companies - our customer list speaks to the range of our abilities. Beyond large vehicle wash facilities, Mr. Williams has designed, delivered or consulted on a wide range of industrial and transportation challenges:

  • National POP Lighting packages
  • Airline Facility relocation
  • Complete state-of-the-art powdercoating plants
  • Manufacturing plant relocation & start-up
  • Paint pre-treatment
  • Retail bank conversions to medical office suites
  • Rust preventative solutions for reusable Pallet systems
  • Synthetic coolant